Top Five TEDx talks

3 Jan 2016 | Personal Leadership

I previously posted my top ten TED talks. TEDx is similar to TED but is an independently organised event under the TED banner, similar to a franchise. Many famous “TED” talks are actually from an independent TEDx event, and most are unaware of the difference. Here are my favorites:

1) Why Work Doesn’t Happen at Work (Jason Fried). It’s often very difficult to get actual work done in the office, rather than firefighting, due to managers and meetings (which Jason calls M&Ms). Here’s how to overcome them.

2) Perspective Is Everything (Rory Sutherland). Fascinating talk on “framing” (a concept in behavioral economics on how you present a concept). By a top advertising professional, as knowledgeable as any top behavioral economist on this field; his other TED talks are also excellent.

3) Breaking the Habit of Small Talk (Omid Scheybani). On how to have meaningful first-time conversations with strangers, rather than just asking them “What do you do for a living?”

4) My Philosophy For A Happy Life (Sam Berns). How to find happiness in tough situations, by a high-schooler who weighs 50lbs due to a disease, Progeria. Genuine, uplifting, and spirited.

5) Talk To Strangers (Danny Harris). How we can substantially enrich oneselves by getting to know the “extras” in our lives – people we pass each day but don’t know their name.