The Purposeful Company

The Purposeful Company proposes evidence-based reforms to embed purpose into the heart of business; I serve on the five-person Steering Group. Below is a selection of reports and articles we have written; for a comprehensive list, please see the TPC website.

Dividend Policy in Purposeful Companies: The case for companies adopting a flexible dividend policy, rather than implicitly committing to maintain last year’s dividend (which may then force them to sacrifice investment).

Restricted Shares: The case for paying CEOs with restricted stock, and challenges to implementation. Key findings, full report

Integrated Stewardship: The need for an integrated approach to stewardship regulation,
covering all parts of the investment chain (asset managers, pension funds and other asset owners, investment consultants, proxy advisors)

Stewardship Code Thoughts For Change: Ideas for a potential revision of the Code, so that stewardship moves from a policy to a practice

Stewardship Code Submission: The Purposeful Company’s submission to the FT Stewardship Code consultation

Stewardship Must Be Embedded Across the Investment Chain (Financial Times)

Corporate Governance Green Paper is a Call to Arms (Financial Times)

Policy Report  proposing reform to executive pay, blockholders, company law,
accounting, the investment industry, and early-stage financing to embed purpose
into companies. Brief summary

Executive Pay Report. Evidence-based proposals to reform executive pay. Brief summary