I give keynotes, talks and workshops at conferences and companies. Sample topics and titles are listed below.

Purposeful Business

  • The Power of Purposeful Business
  • How Great Companies Deliver Both Purpose and Profit
  • Do Corporations Need a Purpose?

Sustainable Finance & ESG Investing

  • Sustainable Investing: Does it Work and How to Do It?
  • ESG: The Beginning, the End, and the Future
  • Why ESG Matters to Non-ESG Investors

Employee Engagement

  • The Value of Employee Engagement
  • From Diversity to Equity and Inclusion
  • Spurring Innovation

Behavioural Economics

  • The Psychology of Finance
  • Behavioural Biases: Why They Matter and How to Fix Them

Critical Thinking

  • The Use and Misuse of Data
  • Can We Really Trust Scientific Research?

Business Skills in the 21st Century

  • Time Management in the Digital Age
  • Public Speaking Without Fear

Companies I have spoken at include the following

Talks and Lectures

TED/TEDx Talks

The Pie-Growing Mindset

TEDx talk

Could it be possible that the pursuit of a pro-social purpose also happens to be the best way to generate profit over the long term? Alex Edmans will show us why there is a business and financial case for purpose, not just a moral and ethical case.

What to Trust in a “Post-Truth” World

TED talk

Only if you are truly open to the possibility of being wrong can you ever learn, says researcher Alex Edmans. In an insightful talk, he explores how confirmation bias – the tendency to only accept information that supports your personal beliefs – can lead you astray on social media, in politics and beyond, and offers three practical tools for finding evidence you can actually trust.

The Social Responsibility of Business

TEDx talk

Alex Edmans talks about the long-term impacts of social responsibility and challenges the idea that caring for society is at the expense of profit.


Gresham Lectures

From 2018-2022 I served as the Mercers’ School Memorial Professor of Business at Gresham College (part-time, running alongside my LBS post). Gresham’s mission is to provide free lectures to the public, similar to how Michael Faraday gave free lectures on science. Each lecture is accompanied by a simple set of notes.

For 2021-2, my lecture series was on The Principles of Finance. Its mission is to make basic financial skills freely accessible and promote financial literacy. The topics are below:

  1. How to Save and Invest – Tuesday 21 September 2021 (video, notes)
  2. How the Financial System Works – Tuesday 26 October 2021 (video, notes)
  3. How to Make Financial Decisions – Tuesday 18 January 2022 (video, notes)
  4. How to Measure and Manage Risk – Thursday 24 February 2022 (video, notes)
  5. How to Value a Stock – Tuesday 17 May 2022 (video, notes)
  6. How to Finance a Company – Tuesday 7 June 2022 (video, notes)


For 2020-1, my lecture series was on The Psychology of Finance. Traditional models assume rational economic men/women – people take all relevant information into account, and process it rationally. These lectures took human behaviour into account to show how psychological biases can distort the financial decisions made by investors, CEOs and citizens. They explained how we can be on the lookout for these biases and harness this awareness to improve our own decision making.

  1. The Psychology of the Stock Market – Tuesday 22 September 2020 (videonotes)
  2. Hidden Investment Opportunities – Tuesday 27 October 2020 (videonotes)
  3. The Mistakes Investors Make – Tuesday 8 December 2020 (videonotes)
    – Featured in The Times 1, The Times 2
  4. The Mistakes CEOs Make – Tuesday 16 March 2021 (videonotes)
  5. How Companies Profit From Our Mistakes – Tuesday 11 May 2021 (videonotes)
  6. Nudging Society to Better Decisions – Tuesday 8 June 2021 (videonotes)


For 2019-20, I gave six lectures on Business Skills for the 21st Century. The motivation for this series was that there are critical skills in business that are rarely taught at university or business school. The lecture titles are below:

  1. Time Management in the Digital Age – Wednesday 2 October 2019 (videonotes)
    – Featured on ABC radio
  2. Finding Purpose in Your Career – Wednesday 4 December 2019 (video, notes)
  3. Public Speaking Without Fear – Wednesday 22 January 2020 (video, notes)
    – Featured on ABC radio; ABC’s summary of talk
  4. Mental and Physical Wellness – Wednesday 4 March 2020 (video, notes)
  5. Critical Thinking – Wednesday 22 April 2020 (video, notes)
    – Featured on ABC radio
  6. The Growth Mindset and the Abundance Mentality – Wednesday 3 June 2020 (video, notes)


I gave two one-off lectures outside of my official 2019-20 series:

  1. How Great Companies Deliver Both Purpose and Profit – Monday 30 March 2020 (video)
  2. Leadership Lessons From Lockdown – Wednesday 24 June 2020 (video, notes)


For 2018-9, my lecture series was on How Business Can Better Serve Society. The lecture titles are below; they were primarily adapted from my new book, Grow the Pie: How Great Companies Deliver Both Purpose and Profit.

  1. Purposeful Business: The Evidence and the Implementation – Wednesday 3 October 2018 (videonotes)
  2. Executive Pay: What’s Right, What’s Wrong and What Could Be Fixed? – Wednesday 12 December 2018 (videonotes)
  3. Reforming Corporate Governance – Wednesday 23 January 2019 (videonotes)
    – Featured in Daily Mail
  4. The Stewardship Role of Investors – Wednesday 6 March 2019 (videonotes)
  5. Does Finance Benefit Society? – Wednesday 24 April 2019 (videonotes)
  6. Do Mergers and Acquisitions Create or Destroy Value? – Wednesday 5 June 2019 (videonotes)

MBA Lectures

Below is a list of lectures on personal leadership that I gave to LBS or Wharton MBA students which are publicly available on YouTube.

How to Make a Successful Start to Your Career, LBS Masters in Management graduation speech.

The Exploring Life, LBS MBA 2017 Graduation Speech. On the importance of (1) Stepping into other people’s shoes, (2) Living unoffended, and (3) Privileged MBA graduates having the responsibility to stand out and reshape culture.

Fulfilling Careers and Full Lives, end of final LBS Corporate Finance lecture. Talk on career choice and personal leadership.

Wharton MBA 2014 Graduation Speech. Talk on how to ensure the lessons learned during an MBA stay with you post-MBA.

Take Every Opportunity. 3-minute social experiment on the importance of boldness and being proactive.

Leadership Through Freedom. Talk on serving others, time management, dealing with external challenges, and living boldly. Accompanying slidesaccompanying quotes

Dealing With Failure and Dealing With Success. 10-minute talk on how to stay grounded during highs and lows.

Finding Fulfillment, a talk co-sponsored by Wharton Finance Club, Wharton Investment Management Club, and Wharton Christian Fellowhip, on career choice and time management. Accompanying slides.

Time Management and Prioritization, “60 second” talk at Cluster Supper.

Welcome to Wharton MBA Class of 2014.

Keynote Address to the Wharton MBA Class of 2011, Wharton Welcome Weekend.