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13 Mar 2015 | Policy and Practice Articles

Grow the Pie: How Great Companies Deliver Both Purpose and Profit. Book (summary)
The Social Responsibility of Business. TEDx talk
Purposeful Business: The Evidence and the Implementation. Gresham College public lecture (transcript)
Finding the Purpose of Your BusinessEconomia column
Future Leaders, Take Note: Finance and Sustainability Go Together. Financial Times
Corporate Governance Green Paper is a Call to ArmsFinancial Times article on how businesses must create long-term value for society
Why Purpose is Critical for Long-Term SuccessWorld Economic Forum
There Is No Tradeoff Between Profit and PurposeHuffington Post

Video Interviews / Debates

Stakeholder Capitalism: The Case For and Against. Debate with Harvard’s Prof. Lucian Bebchuk hosted by the FT’s Gillian Tett
The Power of Purposeful Business. Interview by FT Management Editor Andrew Hill

The End of ESG

A Progressive’s Case for Getting Rid of ‘ESG’Wall Street Journal

Why Shareholder Value is Much More Responsible Than Often Thought

What Stakeholder Capitalism Can Learn From Milton Friedman. ProMarket
What Stakeholder Capitalism Can Learn From Jensen and Meckling. ProMarket
Two Years Later, Has the Business Roundtable Statement Transformed Capitalism? ProMarket
The Social Responsibility of Business Includes Profits. ProMarket
Critique of European Commission’s Study on Sustainable Corporate Governance
Why Shareholder Capitalism Benefits Wider Society. VoxEU French version in Finance & Gestion

Does Sustainable Investing Work?

Is Sustainable Investing Really a Dangerous Placebo? Medium; a response to Tariq Fancy
Sweeping Statements Don’t Capture Nuance Investment & Pensions Europe; a response to Tariq Fancy
Does Sustainable Investing Deliver On Its Promises? The Conversation article
Does Socially Responsible Investing Make Financial Sense? Wall Street Journal debate, with both the “Yes” and “No” side


How to Give Shareholders a Say in Corporate Social Responsibility. Wall Street Journal

Sustainability Reporting

Response to the Financial Reporting Council’s consultation on corporate reporting
The Dangers of Sustainability Metrics. VoxEU
Why Companies Shouldn’t Tie Pay to ESG MetricsWall Street Journal
No Stakeholder Left Behind: The Dangers of ESG Metrics. Medium

Employee Well-Being

28 Years of Stock Market Data Shows a Link Between Employee Satisfaction and Firm ValueHarvard Business Review
Why Happier Workers Matter More Than You ThinkWorld Economic Forum
It’s Official: Why Doing Good By Your Employees Boost Stock PerformanceCityAM
VIDEO: Do Happy Workers Make For Richer Companies? Bloomberg interview
VIDEO: Why Firms With Happy Employees Beat the Competition. Yahoo Finance interview

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