Behavioural Economics and Biases

Confirmation Bias

What to Trust in a Post-Truth World. TED talk.
Why Truth Is Not Enough. London Business School Review article on why even true facts/data can be misleading.
COVID-19 and the Virus of Misinformation. Applying confirmation bias to the pandemic.
Critical Thinking. Gresham College public lecture (transcript).

The Psychology of the Stock Market

The Effect of the 2014 World Cup on Stock Markets. Three interviews with CNN‘s Richard Quest.
World Cup Fever: Why An England Loss Will Wipe Billions off the Stock Market. Opinion piece in CityAM.
Soccer and the Stock Market. Non-technical piece in MIT Graduate Student news on effect of soccer on stock markets, and behavioral finance more generally.
Soccer, Sentiment, and Stocks: Can Beckham Bend the Markets? Brief, humorous talk as part of Wharton’s “Iron Prof” competition.