Mergers and Acquisitions

13 Mar 2015 | Policy and Practice Articles

Do Mergers and Acquisitions Create or Destroy Value? Gresham College public lecture (videotranscript)
Why CEOs May Want You Talking About Takeover Attempts. Takeover rumors push up the stock price of a potential target, deterring acquirers. Interview with Knowledge@Wharton.
Is M&A Performance Improving?. Accenture/Mergermarket webinar on characteristics of a good M&A deal.

M&A League Tables

Show Me the Money: Aura of Top M&A Banks Often Obscures Low Returns for Clients. Investment banks advise clients to do bad deals to improve their league table position. Interview with Knowledge@Wharton.
Going Beyond Rankings to Assess M&A Bankers. How a bank’s league table position is a poor measure of the quality of its advice. Article by Wall Street Journal.
Conflicts of Interest Among M&A AdvisorsAccess to Finance blog.

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