Evidence-Based Practice

2 Oct 2020 | Policy and Practice Articles

What to Trust in a Post-Truth World. TED talk.
Evaluating Research. A user’s guide to knowing what research we can trust. German translation.
Is There Really A Business Case For Diversity? A paper claimed to find results despite 0 out of 90 regressions being significant. Why did we all believe it?
The Danger of Taking Evidence at Face Value. Economia column.
The Dangers of Academic Research. Article on why we should not automatically believe academic research, even if it is published in a peer-reviewed journal.
A Layman’s Guide To Separating Causation From Correlation…and Noticing When Claims of Causality Are Invalid
Why Truth Is Not Enough. London Business School Review article on why even true facts/data can be misleading.
Critical Thinking. Gresham College public lecture (transcript).

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