Alex Edmans

Professor of Finance
London Business School
Regent’s Park
London NW1 4SA

(020) 7000 8258
aedmans @ london . edu

Thank you for your interest in contacting me. I recognise that composing an email takes time and effort. Thus, I thought it would be helpful to outline cases in which you can save on this. I am always happy to receive relevant email and endeavour to respond diligently and promptly; to allow for this, I regret that I’m unable to respond to emails that are covered by the guidelines below.

  • LBS Students
    • Students not in my course may audit any of my classes without notifying me. Please go to Canvas for my class schedule.
    • Students in my course can miss class without notifying me. You are trusted to catch up on the material in your own time.
    • For course admin inquiries, please contact my assistant Janet Chater ([email protected]).
    • I’m not a careers advisor so please contact the Career Centre for advice on careers. I’m not able to provide advice on what electives to take as I’ve never taken them myself.
    • I regret that I do not have capacity to supervise independent study projects or provide advice on student business ideas.
  • Prospective LBS Students / Scholars: thank you for your interest in LBS
    • If you are interested in a PhD, please go here for details of the PhD programme and the centralised application form. You cannot apply to individual faculty.
    • If you are interested in a Masters programme, please go here. Faculty are not involved in the admissions process. Since I have not done a masters programme, I am not well-placed to answer questions about it. The above link gives you details of the Admissions Office who will be very happy to help.
    • Unfortunately, LBS does not have a visiting scholars’ or post-doc programme.
  • Recruiters. Thank you for your interest in recruiting LBS students. Please contact the Careers Centre here.
  • Research Assistants / Interns / Teaching Assistants. I do not have any openings at the present time.
  • Media, Blogs etc. Thank you for your interest in my work. You may link to any of my research papers, blogs, or media articles without asking my permission. You may repost any of my blogs in full without asking my permission, or any article from CityAM, Huffington Post, or World Economic Forum if you cite the original source. I’m afraid that you cannot repost any articles I have written for other newspapers (e.g. FT, WSJ) as they own the copyright, but you may link to them.
  • Bloggers. I don’t feature guest posts on my blog.
  • Data and Case Study Vendors. I’m currently all set with data for my research projects and cases for my classes.
  • Start-Ups. I don’t invest in start-ups unless I’ve known the entrepreneur for several years. I’m not an expert in entrepreneurship, so can’t base an investment decision on an assessment of the business model, only my knowledge of the person.
  • Other Vendors. For vendors of other services, e.g. new software to manage classes, or to improve LBS’s PR reach, please contact the relevant department at At LBS my focus is research and teaching; I’m not involved in purchasing decisions.