Evidence-Based Practice

What to Trust in a Post-Truth World. TED talk.Evaluating Research. A user’s guide to knowing what research we can trust. German translation.Is There Really A Business Case For Diversity? A paper claimed to find results despite 0 out of 90 regressions being significant. Why did we all believe it?The Danger of Taking Evidence at Face …

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The Case for Brexit The Case for Remain The Rational Response to Brexit. We’ve voted for Brexit; what should we do about it? The UK’s Brexit Options: Single Market, Customs Union, Free Trade Agreement explained Two Ideas for Making Brexit a Success. CityAM

Personal Leadership

Please also see my 2019/20 Gresham lecture series, Business Skills for the 21st Century. 5 Habits Good Leaders Are Cultivating Right Now. Habits to develop during the coronavirus crisis.7 Habits of Highly Successful People. A modern take on Stephen Covey’s 7 HabitsThe Secrets of Time Management. Article in CityAM.Fulfilling Careers and Full Lives. Talk on career …

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Mergers and Acquisitions

Do Mergers and Acquisitions Create or Destroy Value? Gresham College public lecture (video, transcript) Why CEOs May Want You Talking About Takeover Attempts. Takeover rumors push up the stock price of a potential target, deterring acquirers. Interview with [email protected]. Is M&A Performance Improving?. Accenture/Mergermarket webinar on characteristics of a good M&A deal. M&A League Tables Show Me the …

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Housing Crisis

An Incentive-Based Solution to Strategic Mortgage Default. A solution to mortgage default based on behavioral economics, currently implemented across the US. On TIME magaine’s 50 best inventions of 2010. VoxEUop-ed. A New Incentive Program Aims to Slow Rising Mortgage Defaults. Interview with [email protected] on same topic.