The UK’s Brexit Options

The UK voted for Brexit last June, but what does Brexit actually mean? The UK can pursue various options: staying in the Single Market, staying in the Customs Union, or forming a Free Trade Area. These are often used interchangeably as various forms of a “soft Brexit”, but there are important distinctions between them. The …

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The Case for Remain

Today is perhaps the biggest decision the UK will ever face. Under 18s will be most affected by this decision but can’t vote. Brits can. More important than which way we vote is that we should vote. I’m normally politically apathetic (only voted once) but this is such a key decision, I’ve spent hours researching the …

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The Case for Brexit

I’m strongly in favour of the UK remaining part of the EU. However, I recently went to a talk given by a Brexit supporter, to hear the other side. I believe that he/she gave some persuasive arguments. Even though I don’t agree with all of them, I thought to share them here, since it is important for …

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