Share Buybacks and Dividends

26 Feb 2019 | Policy and Practice Articles

Share Buybacks

Study on the effect of share buybacks on executive pay and investment, for the UK government (summary)
The Case for Stock BuybacksHarvard Business Review
Should the US Rein In Share Buybacks? Financial Times debate, with both the “Yes” and “No” side
Do Buybacks Really Destroy Long-Term Value? Economia column.
Letter to the SEC on their proposal for Share Repurchase Disclosure Modernization


Why Many People Misunderstand Dividends, and the Damage This Does. Wall Street Journal
Follow-up article responding to reader questions
Dividend Policy in Purposeful Companies: The Purposeful Company paper
Should Companies Be Paying Dividends Right Now? Management Today, on whether companies should pay dividends in the crisis

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