Corporate Governance


Response to government’s Green Paper on Corporate Governance on executive pay reform, shareholder power, stakeholder board representation
Response to government’s Green Paper on Industrial Strategy
Written evidence to House of Commons Corporate Governance Inquiry on CEO pay, workers on boards, shareholder vs. stakeholder maximisation
Oral testimony in House of Commons, 15 November 2016 (transcript)
Supplementary written evidence: short-term trading, dividends and repurchases are not bad for society; further evidence on workers on boards

Board Diversity

Response to FRC’s Pre-Consultation on the Corporate Governance Code, addressing diversity

Investor Stewardship

Stewardship Must Be Embedded Across the Investment Chain (Financial Times)
The Answer to Short-Termism Isn’t Asking Investors to Be Patient (Harvard Business Review)
Is There More Than One Way For Shareholders To Exert Influence? The governance mechanism of “exit”, i.e. voting with your feet, with a particular application to emerging markets. By the IFC (World Bank)
Stock Market Turnover and Corporate Governance. How liquidity and short-term trading can improve governance, contrary to common wisdom. VoxEU op-ed
The Choice Between Voice and Exit: The Effect of Liquidity on Shareholder Commitment. Interview with Knowledge@Wharton on same topic.

Share Buybacks

The Case for Stock Buybacks (Harvard Business Review)

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