Personal Leadership

The Secrets of Time Management. Article in CityAM.

VIDEO:  Fulfilling Careers and Full Lives. Talk on career choice and personal leadership.

VIDEO:  Take Every Opportunity. 3-minute social experiment on the importance of boldness and being proactive.

VIDEO:  Leadership Through Freedom. Talk on serving others, time management, dealing with external challenges, and living boldly.

VIDEO:  Wharton MBA 2014 Graduation Speech. Talk on how to ensure the lessons learned during an MBA stay with you post-MBA.

VIDEO: Dealing With Failure and Dealing With Success. 10-minute talk on how to stay grounded during highs and lows.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Show Me the Money: Aura of Top M&A Banks Often Obscures Low Returns for Clients. Investment banks advise clients to do bad deals to improve their league table position. Interview with Knowledge@Wharton.
Going Beyond Rankings to Assess M&A Bankers. How a bank’s league table position is a poor measure of the quality of its advice. Article by Wall Street Journal.
Why CEOs May Want You Talking About Takeover Attempts. Takeover rumors push up the stock price of a potential target, deterring acquirers. Interview with Knowledge@Wharton.

Is M&A Performance Improving?. Accenture/Mergermarket webinar on characteristics of a good M&A deal.

Corporate Governance

Is There More Than One Way For Shareholders To Exert Influence? The governance mechanism of “exit”, i.e. voting with your feet, with a particular application to emerging markets. By the IFC (World Bank).

Stock Market Turnover and Corporate Governance
. How liquidity and short-term trading can improve governance, contrary to common wisdom. VoxEU op-ed.
The Choice Between Voice and Exit: The Effect of Liquidity on Shareholder Commitment. Interview with Knowledge@Wharton on same topic.

Long-Run Investment / Growth / Innovation; Causes of Short-Termism

VIDEO: Corporate Governance and Short-Termism: Challenges and Solutions. Talk at European Corporate Governance Institute panel, held in Dublin as part of Ireland’s Presidency of the European Union.
Managerial Myopia: How CEOs Pump Up Earnings for Their Own Gain. How CEOs take short term actions (like cutting R&D) to allow them to sell their shares at a high price. Interview with Knowledge@Wharton.
Share Options: The Law of Unintended ConsequencesEconomist article on same topic.
Against Disclosure. How forcing companies to disclose more can encourage them to be short-termist. New York Times article.