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The Case for Remain

Today is perhaps the biggest decision the UK will ever face. Under 18s will be most affected by this decision but can’t vote. Brits can. More important than which way we vote is that we should vote. I’m normally politically apathetic (only voted once) but this is such a key decision, I’ve spent hours researching the […]

Size Matters, If You Control Your Junk

The first stock market trading strategy ever discovered was the size anomaly. Banz (1981) found that small stocks outperform large stocks, even after taking into account their higher risk. This finding has had profound implications, such as the creation of small stock indices (since the returns of small stocks shouldn’t be compared to large stocks) and the […]

The Case for Brexit

I’m strongly in favour of the UK remaining part of the EU. However, I recently went to a talk given by a Brexit supporter, to hear the other side. I believe that he/she gave some persuasive arguments. Even though I don’t agree with all of them, I thought to share them here, since it is important for […]

Top Five TEDx talks

I previously posted my top ten TED talks. TEDx is similar to TED but is an independently organised event under the TED banner, similar to a franchise. Many famous “TED” talks are actually from an independent TEDx event, and most are unaware of the difference. Here are my favorites: 1) Why Work Doesn’t Happen at Work […]

Personal Leadership

The Secrets of Time Management. Article in CityAM. VIDEO:  Fulfilling Careers and Full Lives. Talk on career choice and personal leadership. VIDEO:  Take Every Opportunity. 3-minute social experiment on the importance of boldness and being proactive. VIDEO:  Leadership Through Freedom. Talk on serving others, time management, dealing with external challenges, and living boldly. VIDEO:  Wharton MBA 2014 Graduation […]

Using Behavioral Economics to Keep Resolutions

In 2010, David Cameron set up the “Behavioural Insights Team” (nicknamed the “Nudge Unit”) to use behavioral economics to “nudge” individuals to take superior decisions for themselves and society, e.g. save more, register as organ donors, or give to charity. It uses Randomized Control Trials (RCTs) to find the method that best works – similar […]

Dangers of Using a Company-Wide Discount Rate

Any Finance 101 class will emphasize that the appropriate discount rate for a project depends on the project’s own characteristics, not the firm as a whole. If a utilities firm moves into media (e.g. Vivendi), it should use a media beta – not a utilities beta – to calculate the discount rate . However, a survey found that […]