Executive Compensation


Compilation of non-technical, practitioner articles on executive pay

Making Pay Simpler and More Long-Term

Written evidence to House of Commons Executive Pay Inquiry advocating simple, transparent, and long-term schemes
Simplicity, Transparency, and Sustainability: A New Model for CEO Pay. (Many elements are recommended by House of Commons Select Committee on Corporate Governance and UK Government’s Corporate Governance Green Paper)
Link Executive Pay to Wider Societal Benefits. FT Op-Ed
Performance-Based Pay For Executives Still Works. Harvard Business Review
How To Fix Executive Compensation. Wall Street Journal
Why Elon Musk’s Compensation Plan Wouldn’t Work For Most Executives. Harvard Business Review

Pay Ratios

Letter to SEC on why they should not force pay ratio disclosure
Why We Need to Stop Obsessing Over CEO Pay RatiosHarvard Business Review

Debunking Myths About CEO Pay

Eight Common Myths About CEO Pay
Use Nobel-Winning Insights – Not Anecdote – To Guide Executive Pay Reform. CityAM
Executive Pay Regulation Will Backfire If It’s Not Based On Evidence. CityAM
Why the MSCI Study Does Not Show That Equity Incentives Backfire

Dangers of Pay Regulation

Stop Making CEO Pay a Political IssueHarvard Business Review
Beware the Unintended Consequences of Theresa May’s Flawed Executive Pay Proposals. CityAM
How Executive Pay Regulations Can Increase Inequality – Not Reduce It. CityAM
How Virtually Every Pay Regulation Has Backfired

Debt-Based Pay

Written evidence to UK Government’s Insolvency and Corporate Governance Inquiry advocating debt-based pay.
Pay Bosses in Debt – Not Just Equity – To Deter Future Crisis. CityAM

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