Executive Compensation

Compilation of non-technical, practitioner article on executive pay
Why We Need to Stop Obsessing Over CEO Pay RatiosHarvard Business Review
Stop Making CEO Pay a Political IssueHarvard Business Review
Use Nobel-Winning Insights – Not Anecdote – To Guide Executive Pay Reform. CityAM
Beware the Unintended Consequences of Theresa May’s Flawed Executive Pay Proposals. CityAM
Performance Pay for Executives Still WorksHarvard Business Review
Executive Pay Regulation Will Backfire If It’s Not Based On Evidence. CityAM
How Executive Pay Regulations Can Increase Inequality – Not Reduce It. CityAM
How To Fix Executive Compensation. Wall Street Journal
How Should CEOs Be Paid? World Economic Forum

Long-Term vs. Short-Term Incentives

Link Executive Pay to Wider Societal BenefitsFinancial Times Op-Ed
VIDEO: How CEOs Make News to Raise Stock PricesBloomberg interview
Reforming CEO Pay: Focus on the Right Dimensions. VoxEU
Incentives for the Long Run: An Executive Compensation Plan That Looks Beyond the Next Quarter. Interview with Knowledge@Wharton
How Best to Pay ExecutivesVoxEU
Should Bank Bonuses Be Deferred For 10 Years? CityAM
What’s Right, What’s Wrong, and What’s Fixable: A Dispassionate Look at Executive Compensation (with Xavier Gabaix). Pathways, Summer 2010, 13-16, published by Stanford University

Compensating Managers With Debt

Pay Bosses in Debt – Not Just Equity – To Deter Future Crisis. CityAM
Debt-Based Pay May Give Much-Needed BalanceIESE Insight, Q4 2010, 28-33
Why It Pays to Link Executive Compensation with Corporate Debt. Knowledge@Wharton
New Thinking on Executive Compensation: Pay CEOs With Debt

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